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everywhere on the south coast , this converted stunning white coral beach On you wait white, nearly deserted flat sand beach of nearly 20 km length approximately around the Diani Beach and up to 100 meters width with clean water and not least in the glow glittering East Africa niche corral reef, one the most beautiful world. The beach runs flat in the water and by that the coast pre-aged corral reef protected, like that the wave course very flat is. The beach is like that as from the picture book and even if you to the repetitive paint to Diani come, you will be again and again enthusiastic.

You can call Diani Beach Kenya Riviera.

Kenya without safari?

They visit Kenya, without the singular animal and plant world to have seen?
Whether safari into the Masai Mara or dipping trips in of Kenya becomes underwater world, you to be inspired.

Along the Diani Beach you will find much offers and nobody must do without on the options of the civilization. Thus the interested finds beside some supermarkets, to a shopping center, memory of business, fashion shops, Discos's, a play casino, a gulf club, some bar, Nightclubs, restaurants (Italian, Indian one, Chinei, and Kenyan kitchen). In addition it gives to be offered to East Africa niche wood carving work along the Diani Beach Road innumerable small business in those and much more besides.

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Kaskazi Beach Hotel, Diani Beach Kaskazi from waterside

Your vacation hotel directly at the Diani Beach

The landscape is overwhelming the coast with one of many islands

The coast is very varied and completely particularly for divers and Schnorchler a dream goal . The views of the water is almost as stunning as underwater