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More than 30 years Shakatak

The lie table

african art The Shakatak lie table is the most important institution at the south coast of Kenya and with rather long history. The Shakatak lie table is so ne thing for itself.
Actually it was times the table reserved for regulars for many people, which live here at the coast.

In run the time developed the so-called lie table to an institution, where one lies to itself the bars to bend. Everyone has a history drauf, a true naturally, which must be absolutely passed on under the seal of the discretion. A good author would have to write no problems here within shortest time a new novel.
Even some reporters of two large newspapers here already appeared themselves, in order to snap open some (protects) lies.

HP. That is not lied by the way.!

To the most important tasks of the lie table belongs ....
lie table 1
  • Discussions for hours and/or unrestrained drinking to bring in order to make the all also still so intimate possible secreteat merciless to the "daylight". There is nearly nothing which the turned red eyes of the actors escapes. Which at the lie table is told is those the absolute truth. Each attempt at this lie table to lie is here absolutely senseless. The present expert with often annualtenth long experience from most different layers and situations really purely nothing at all does not escape.
  • The spreading of pieces of news from the far homeland and without possibly a kind of the falsification of the messages by own fantasies. Naturally also here directly all secrets are revealed and made accessible for the public. Also so the chance can be used all local worth knowing to the messengers is passed on and concomitantly guaranteed that the love in the distance on the newest conditions to remain
  • The destruction of alcohol of any kind A selection of the nationaltypical Malariaprohylaxe is still the highest goal of the "lie table"
Lügentisch 2

Note of the Webmasters:
Because to work it will get some constantly present persons of this lie table covered and behind reproached hand with difficulty its pictures from you to around these to insert here. I hope for understanding if this some time will take up. Patiently and particularly using much, very much alcohol and hid cameras hope I when once a few pictures to however possibly insert here to be able.

Pool is always much likes The adherence to the rules is strictly supervised

As promised here a few members of the "lie table" with the hard work.
Here straight is paid attention to the observance the Kenyan Billard to regulate. Who looks more exactly can clearly recognize for it a considerable quantity of "malaria the Prophelaxe" is needed!!!!
HP. (Called Vodka, is used here medicine for possible mosquito bites.)

One can turn which dangers away by the Malariapropylaxe mentioned, one sees here:
Everyone gives the best "Details there wanted to sting the Mosquito" cheers Alcohol? No, we took only the necessary medicine to us!
Although here very vehemently the excessive benefit of the necessary medicine one denies